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Fortune Bay Expedition Team


We are extremely pleased to announce that 2010 Kayaksailors are in stock and ready to ship.  We have several of each size and color on hand.  So if you have been patiently waiting, this is a good time to get your hands on one.

Last Saturday we took our skin boats for a paddle sailing trip across the Columbia River and up into the Klickitat River with our friends  Nick Wiltz (owner of Windpaddle sails) and Rhonda.   The Columbia was flat, calm and glassy in the morning, perfect for viewing the riot of spring wildflowers.  As we neared the rapids, the wind increased.   We turned around and raised our sails. What fun, going with the wind and the current. Before we knew it we were back in the Columbia. The wind continued to increase so we came ashore and reefed the sails.  The ride back to our launch was very exciting.  A moderate swell combined with a stiff following wind was invigorating and satisfying.

Patti building mast cars

We have been diligently constructing components for your 2010 sailing rigs and expect to receive the last of our delayed parts on May 20th.  As soon as we have these parts in our hands we will complete the assembly of your rigs and begin shipping!

Loft fun! Mast car control line Rasta hair-do

We’ve discovered the perfect lubricant for the Kayaksailor.  This product is a dry PFTE lube that will make your Kayaksailor work better than ever.  There have been some issues with the silicone lubricant we recommended in our user manual.  Since the silicone remains wet, it has a tendency to accumulate grit and sand in the mast track.  Since this product dries hard,  it won’t have the grit build up and the mast car will slide much easier.  Prior to applying SailKote, remove any residual silicone with soap and water and allow to dry.  Avoid spraying the leeboard assembly and your mainsheet!  It also works great on rudders, peddles and just about everything that moves on your kayak.   Since this product is solvent based,  it’s best to spray it on the sail rig outside or in a well ventilated area. 

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Happy Sailing,  Dave and Patti

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Ben Hargrove is an amazing young man who knows how to live.